Direct-Inward-Dial (DID) Number Providers

Serve the needs of your customers better with VoIP DID numbers in Australia

Created as a way to reuse a limited number of physical phone lines to handle calls to different published numbers, VoIP DID numbers are essential for businesses that don't want to miss a single call.

Nehos Communications provides international DID numbers and local Australian numbers to small businesses. Please view our prices below and select the option that best suits your budget and deliver your company a phone system that evens the playing field.

Individual DID * 100 Number Range DID *


$50.00/mth per number range

Coverage now includes ALL 66 call collection areas in Australia.
Includes full IPND listing of your DID for white pages listing and E000.
* Activation within one working day.

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  • * 100 x DID number block configurations available. $POA.

  • * Additional DID Channels $5.00/Mnth per additional channel.

  • * Caller ID Presentaion (CLI) Nehos DID's + any fixed telephone number from another provider. $0.00 per DID.

  • * Local Number Portability. Port your number from another provider to Nehos for the total VoIP experience. We port from all call collection areas in Australia and have porting agreements with all accredited Telco's. We have a 100% record of successful porting.

  • * Lost DiD recovery - we will attempt to recover a DID that was previously terminated. $75 per number.

  • * Fax to email. Turn any Nehos in-dial number into a Fax Machine. All you need is a Nehos in-dial number and an email address. Faxes sent to the phone number will be sent to your email in-box as a PDF fax. Free with any single DID number.

  • Voicemail Free.

  • Additional Extensions Free.

  • Nehos to Nehos calls (On-Net) Free.

  • Basic Call Queue Free.

  • Notes:
    ^ Channels allow you to have multiple incoming calls on the one DID number.

    All prices include GST.