Bonded Copper Plans

Plan Name Download Allowance Plan Speed Monthly Total Contract Cost (24 mths)
Business 4 UNLIMITED ^ up to 10M/10M* $275 $7590.00
Business 5 UNLIMITED ^ 10M/10M $385
Business 6 UNLIMITED ^ 20M/20M $440 $11550.00
Business 7 UNLIMITED ^ 30M/30M $POA $POA

What you get Yes / No
Premium support Tick
Static IP Tick
SLA Tick
QOS Tick

All Prices include tax. Base prices but may increase if more copper is required.
All services have a 24 month contract in place. Contract terms & conditions can be found at Section 12.5
EOC modem/Router + Activation = $990.00
^ Subject to our fair use policy
* Maximum speed determined by distance from exchange.

LEAD TIME: typically three weeks (from signed & returned order contract).

Critical Information Summary - Broadband.pdf


The Nehos network is IPv6 enabled. All broadband services include a IPv6 /64 subnet as part of the plan. If you require a larger subnet please contact Nehos sales.

Our customer service is industry leading with a Service Level Agreement of 99.7% uptime on our Ethernet over copper broadband service.

If you demand consistent high performance, and reliability coupled with a service level agreement, you need a direct Ethernet connection. This is a true platform to support multiple applications including video, VPN/data and voice. In this day and age, a direct Ethernet connection is vital to your uptime and staying competitive.

Contact us today on 1300 726 889 to talk to one of our expert operators and be on your way to installing our most popular and cost effective Ethernet solution – Ethernet over copper broadband. Please allow a minimum of four weeks for the bonded copper service connection to be completed (unless otherwise notified). Connection is subject to successful application.