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We use high-speed broadband technology to provide access at the subscribed speed or depending on the product as fast as your line can reliably go. We offer Ethernet over numerous tail technologies including and not limited to Fibre, Copper and Wireless point to point. We structure contracts to suit both your needs and your budget whilst not compromising quality or serviceability.

EOW broadband, ethernet over bonded copper or an ADSL broadband deal that is better than any other on offer, you can be sure of getting affordability that doesn't compromise quality or service.

Our business broadband internet deals are backed by our 99.5 – 99.99% service availability targets and, combined with voice, offer a one stop shop.

Nehos Communications' national high-speed NBN/ADSL broadband network gives you access to the best business broadband speeds your line can reliably operate from your local exchange.

Looking to set up a faster and more efficient way to communicate within your business or company? Ethernet over copper is the perfect solution for an integrated, fully managed, fast and affordable service.

EOC uses a symmetrical connection; meaning uploads and downloads happen at the same speed at the same time. Nehos Ethernet over Copper (EOC) provides you with a highly reliable SLA backed communication service, and is available at various speeds ranging from 2M to 20Mbps, giving you increased efficiency and guaranteed network reliability. Maximum speed deliverable is determined from distance from your location to the exchange equipment.

If your current business broadband deal isn’t providing you with the fast downloads and uploads you need to run your business the way you want, contact us. We can work out the best broadband plan to suit your needs. We know how much peak and off peak shaping can affect a small business, so we do NOT shape your business broadband internet at all.

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Soon you will have your business running on the best broadband deal available to you.