Local Number Porting (LNP)

Please note the following prices are per batch. If your porting a hunt group all numbers within the hunt group would need to be included within the Catagory C Port. Any additional numbers would need to be included in an additional port.

Total Costs (gst inc)
Category A Port (single number) $44.00
Catagory C Port (single or batch of multiple numbers)

For Catagory C Porting prices greater than 1000 numbers please contact our sales team on 1300 726 889.

Porting date/time is scheduled in advance normally 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday EST.

Port acceptance is usually 7 days and port lead times are 45 days.

If your order is rejected due to incorrect information provided in this application then the following will be charged to your account. For Catagory C Batch Reject charge = $20.00. Catagory A Batch Reject charge = $16.50. Note that in addition, for rejects due to “Number/Account Mismatch”, the reject is charged at $1.50 multiplied by the number of numbers in the batch. The loosing carrier will reject this application if any of the information provided (i.e account number) does not match the information provided on this application. If in doubt please contact Nehos Sales on 1300 726 889.

Application is made for Local Number Portability as described in this Order From, which expressly incorporates the terms and conditions as set out www.nehos.net/terms.html Section 11.2 Local number portability.