Business VoIP Telephones

Over a number of years Nehos has worked and evaluated many manufacturers of SIP Telephones. Whilst we respect there are a number of good ones we have discounted those that are not suited and not surprisingly have focused on those that are.

Our resellers may have their own preferences but if you are coming to us direct and looking for a recommendation and supply we have selected three vendors on our hot list. Namely Aastra Telecom 67xx series phones, Yealink T series and to a small degree SNOM.

These phones integrate very well with our systems and are a asset to any organisation. They also have a future pathway and keep up with future developments as well as having proven themselves in the field of high quality voice communications.

IP telephones configured and ready to go on the Nehos Network range from $150 to $500 AUD. We believe in taking your individual needs into account and that means a personal service. It pays to get it right from the start that is why we are here to advise you and not just shift product.

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Business VoIP Phone Systems

Phones are great but if you really want a high level of call control and local redundancy then you need a black box. We have and continue to work with many vendors on many platforms, however for those that come to us direct we have selected the most powerful and reliable package with a wealth of experience. Namely Epygi Technologies LTD. This platform empowers the Small and medium size business in cutting costs, improving productivity and eradicating restrictions of time, space and email. The added bonus is that the customer percieves your business to be much larger than it really is. To a number of our customers it means fewer staff and those that you have can be acting as one organisation / answer point dispersed over many different locations.

If you require us to provide a bundle system then we take the best phone manufacturer with the best phone system. This gives you reliability and piece of mind knowing that it will get the job done and can be managed remotely when you require granular changes to occur.

They also work well in a Hybrid situation – e.g you have copper and/or ISDN well integrate them, probably reduce the old lines over time and crank up VoIP as you get more comfortable with it.

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Business VoIP Gateways

If its not time to replace your existing phone system or you have invested too much into it, like the look of it and what it does but really want to get the benefits of a VoIP service then a gateway is for you. Essentially a black box in front of your phone system that behaves like a traditional Telco but pushes calls out and in through VoIP. Your business keeps the functionality of the old system but your running costs are slashed or reduced to almost nothing.

In more complex environments gateways are also used in conjunction with IP Telephone phone systems or stand alone, in a nut shell let us step you through the acronyms and give you a proven solution or sound advice.

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