QX Gateways

With built-in auto-configuration, firewall and secure VPN support, the QX Gateways are designed for a more user-friendly experience. Epygi's QX Gateways are SIP-compliant, and can be utilized to include additional FXO, ISDN, FXS, T1 or E1 ports to any of Epygi's or other manufacturer's IP PBXs. Integrating an Epygi QX Gateway with any QX IP PBX allows for the Gateway to be managed through the IP PBX's GUI.

The following comparison matrix will help you better decide which product will work best for your company's needs. Please select a product below for more details.

Product Name Concurrent Call Volume FXS Ports FXO Ports ISDN Ports E1/T1 Ports
QXFX04 Gateway 4 - 4 - -
QXISDN4 Gateway 8 - - 4 -
QXE1T1 Gateway 30 - - 1
QXFXS24 Gateway 24 24 - - -

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QXFX04 Gateway

The QXFXO4 Gateway is a modular and cost-effective approach to adding four additional outside PSTN lines to a corporate phone network by utilizing either an Epygi QX IP PBX or a SIP-based PBX. It can also be used to IP-enable a legacy analog PBX by connecting the FXO ports to FXS extensions. The simple configuration and superb voice quality makes the QXFXO4 easy to deploy and manage

This Gateway is SIP-compliant device that also includes a firewall, VPN capability and the Auto Attendant feature for two-stage dialing. Integration with any QX IP PBX is pure plug-and-play. If FXO ports are in short supply, you can add multiple gateways to the QX IP PBX, which recognizes each gateway automatically.


Key Facts
FXO PSTN ports 4
Ethernet LAN Ports 1
Ethernet WAN Ports 1
VPN capability
Stand-alone or paired with a QX IP PBX


QXISDN4 Gateway

The QXISDN4 Gateway performs similarly to the FXO version but connects using ISDN ports. This Gateway includes four ISDN BRI connections for phones and analog devices that can connect to the telephone company's central office or to a local PBX.

The QXISDN4 can be used to add inbound lines and balance outbound call volumes from a combination of analog devices and IP phones. The lines can be centrally located within the office or used like an "extension cord" to remote branches.

Each QXISDN4 is a stand-alone, SIP gateway device that includes a VPN-router, firewall, HTTP server and call processing software. Installation requires very little configuration. For example, a QX IP PBX will automatically present the new ISDN ports within its management system.


Key Facts
ISDN BRI ports 4
Total Simultaneous Calls 8
Ethernet LAN Ports 1
Ethernet WAN Ports 1
VPN router
HTTP server


QXE1T1 Gateway

The QXE1T1 Gateway features 30 channels for E1 and 20 channels for T1 of compressed G.729 codec and conforms to a broad variety of voice codecs and signaling protocols. The QXE1T1 Gateway also includes call routing and auto attendant capabilities, voice prioritization over data and sophisticated firewall and security elements. The main function of this Gateway is primarily to bridge traditional PBX traffic to the Internet, thus reducing costs and simplifying system administration. s.


Key Facts
E1/T1 port 1
Ethernet LAN Ports 1
Ethernet WAN Ports 1
Call Routing capable of modifying caller ID or time of day routing


QXFXS24 Gateway

The ability to use a large existing analog telephone base with a new IP telephony network is a very important requirement for many companies who are adapting to the Digital Age. The QXFXS24 Gateway is the perfect solution for your business because it can be added to an IP network, therefore allowing your existing analog phones to join the new VoIP network. The QXFXS24 can be stacked for additional capacity. The QXFXS24 provides a number of powerful features not found on standard FXS gateways, including a detailed call routing table with digit manipulation options.

This Gateway can be installed with any SIP-compliant IP PBX on the market or plug-and-play with an Epygi IP PBX. The modular approach of Epygi Gateways allows you to retain an investment from the past analog phones, while adopting the latest technology with ease.


Key Facts
FXS Ports 24
Ethernet LAN Ports 1
Ethernet WAN Ports 1
Call routing table
Digit manipulation