Who can I call?

You can call almost any phone number, anywhere in the world that your normal telephone can reach. You may even utilise the service to speak with more than one person at a time. The person you are calling does not need any special equipment, just a phone.

Is the Nehos Network based locally or overseas?

Our network is based in Australia.

How much bandwidth does my business need?

Nehos uses this formula to calculate your bandwidth requirements:

VoIP Bandwidth + Normal Office Needs + 25% Headroom = Internet Bandwidth Needed

When making your bandwidth calculations please remember that only 80% of broadband DSLs normal bandwidth is available for data. For example a 128 kb/s broadband connection will usually only have 100kb/s of sustainable bandwidth available. Therefore we recommend that when you are calculating your bandwidth requirements it is always better to over-estimate.

A single VoIP call consumes approximately 33kb/s of internet bandwidth. Therefore most standard internet connections of 512/128k can handle 3 simultaneous calls. Also, you must remember if you are sharing your internet connection with VoIP and everyday internet usage you will need to have adequate bandwidth.

ADSL Connection G729 Voice Channels G711a Voice Channels

* The above estimations are for "VoIP only" traffic only on a quality internet connection.

Can I move my current telephone number to Nehos?

Yes we can port numbers to and from Nehos.

For more information regarding Local Number Porting see our customer terms and conditions section 11.2 Local Number Portability.

Factors That Affect Voice Service Reliability

Factors that affect voice service reliability include:

  • Power Supply: Devices used for VoIP services (e.g. headset and/or adapter) almost always require connection to a plug pack or a PC, unlike traditional phones that get power from the line.
  • Network Performance: VoIP services over networks with low delay and low packet loss generally have better performance.
  • Use of a Wireless Access Network: A wireless network can give a user freedom to move around but it may be subject to more interference than a fixed network.
  • Presence of a Firewall: Use of a firewall (e.g. for data or network security) can make it hard for a VoIP call to take place between parties on either side of the firewall.
Whitepages Listings

White pages entries need to updated by the customer directly with the white pages Sensis).

A direct link the form can be found here.

For new entries you need to call them on 1800 810 211 (Sensis) and ask to have your business listed.

DSL Speed Test

For testing your Internet connection you can visit Speed Test to find out your up/downstream rates to Nehos.

International DID's

By definition a International Direct Dial Number is a inbound service only. It should be treated as such. Yes its unlimited one call in at any one time. e.g only supports one channel exactly like a Australian DID. You can subscribe to extra channels but international channels are very different and not accumulated like Australian DID channels. Also its subject to availability in the country in question. Making a outbound call has nothing to do with a DID. If you wish to establish calling points in countries outside of Australia and you use Nehos you will be treated as if you are calling out of Australia irrespective of where you call from. e.g You call out from UK and want to dial a London number - you will be required to dial international as if in Australia. e.g 001144 + local number. Under no circumstances do or can we support a non Australian CLI when you call out.

Do we support the international prefix of + and then country code


Why use us for Broadband?

For voice it is a private connection from client to Nehos (not public internet) (2 hops to voice server, low latency). We offer a low contention ratio and max speeds based on distance from exchange. We do not shape/ slow down. Simplified management / one point for escalation.


Is there a minimum contract period?

Unless stated No. Broadband DSL services do have a minumin contract period of 12 months. Voice Plans do not have a minimum contract period.

Can I terminate my service anytime?

You may terminate your service by giving us 14 days written notification. This may be via post, fax or email.


What Kind of Equipment Do I Need?

A broadband (high speed Internet) connection is required. This can be via ADSL, cable or wireless broadband. Then you will need to choose between either a software phone that runs on your computer or a separate phone. Other than the USB Phone, all other hardware will require an ethernet connection. The phone can be an IP Phone or a regular phone that communicates via a gateway. (This option is preferred if you want to keep using your existing PABX or cordless phone).

What Codecs do Nehos support?

Nehos supports the following audio codecs

  • PCMA ( Uncompressed audio codec. Referred to as G711a. Best quality narrowband codec. Bandwidth 64 kbit/s)
  • PCMU (Canada, Japan and US. G711u. Bandwidth 64 kbit/s)
  • G729a (Bandwidth 8 kbit/s, 10ms frame size. MOS Score of of 3.51/4.04 for G.729a, compared to 4.13/4.45 for G.711)
  • G722 (Bandwidth 64 kbit/s. Wideband codec audio rate of 16 kHz, double that of traditional telephony interfaces, which results in superior audio quality and clarity.)
  • G726-32 (Bandwidth 32 kbit/s. MOS Score of of 3.79/4.30 for G726, compared to 4.13/4.45 for G.711)
  • Speex (Bandwidth 2.15 to 44.2 Kbps)
  • iLBC (Bandwidth 15.2Kbps,20ms frame size. iLBC handles the case of lost frames through graceful speech quality degradation. MOS Score of of 4.14 for iLBC, compared to 4.45 for G.711)
  • GSM (Bandwidth 13 Kbps (full rate), 20ms frame size)

* All calls to PSTN will be sent via PCMA (G711a). G711a requires no codec transcoding. All other codecs need to be trans-coded to PCMA when sent to the PSTN. This will introduce a small amount of latency and maybe call quality loss.
** A HD Wide-band codec (G722) is sampled at 16 kHz will be down-sampled to 8 kHz to reach the PSTN. This typically doesn't sound as good as one that started at 8 kHz from the start. Wideband VoIP only works when sent VoIP from end to end.
*** We do not support VAD or comfort noise generation so these must be disabled to achieve excellent voice call quality.


Nehos supports the following video codecs

  • H261
  • H263
  • H263p
  • H264

* Please call our sales department if you wish to use video on our network.

Certified Equipment

Important, Only equipment that is listed as certified will be supported by Nehos as it has undergone extensive testing and documentation for use on our network. We will be periodically adding new equipment as it completes the certification process. The following equipment is recommended because it provides good quality and reliable experience on our network.

  • Epygi IP PABX and gateways
  • Aastra IP Handsets
  • Yealink IP Handsets

We have also listed additional equipment that has been successfully integrated by our customers, however Nehos provides very limited technical support for this equipment: Quality and reliability may vary...

  • * Asterisk 1.2 + (SIP Only)
  • * TrixBox (SIP Only)
  • X-Lite Softphone & Eyebeam
  • Linksys IP Phones and gateways including the SPA9000 IP PABX
  • Vegastream
  • Polycom IP Phones
  • SNOM Handsets

* May require high level of technical expertise to install, configure and maintain.

If your equipment is not mentioned it does not mean that it isn't compatible with our network. Please contact our support department before connecting equipment not listed above to find out if there are any known issues.