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Voice and broadband soultions


Get the fastest ADSL broadband with our business internet plan.

We use high-speed ADSL broadband technology to give you internet as fast as your line can reliably go, with deals that are affordable but don’t compromise quality or service.

Our business internet plans are backed by our 99.5% service availability targets and combined with voice offer a one stop shop. Nehos Communications' national high-speed broadband network gives you access to the best ADSL2+ broadband speeds your line can reliably operate on at your distance from the local exchange.

Plan Download Allowance Plan Speed Monthly Total Contract Cost (24 mths)
Business 1 Bundled with CPBX plans ADSL2 (Annex-A) $49.95 $699.35 (12 mths)
$1,198.80 (24 mths)
Business 2 UNLIMITED ^ ADSL2 (Annex-A) $59.95 $258.95 (1 mth)
$819.35 (12 mths)
$1,438.80 (24 mths)
  • Premium support
  • Static IP

  • All prices include tax.
  • All services have a (minimum) 1-24 month contract in place. Contract terms & conditions can be found at www.nehos.net/terms/terms.php Section 12.5.
  • Month by Month contract (one month minimum) - Activation $199.00
  • ADSL2 activation or churn = $99.95 for 12 month contract. ADSL2 activation or churn = $0 for 24 month contract
  • ADSL2 requires customer has an existing / accompanying telephone line. Router not provided unless requested
  • ^ Subject to our fair use policy.
  • ESTIMATED LEAD TIME: typically three to ten working days (from signed & returned order contract).
All Nehos Broadband Services



The Nehos network is IPv6 enabled. All broadband services include a IPv6 /64 subnet as part of the plan. If you require a larger subnet please contact Nehos sales.

Peak time, Off-Peak time and shaping

No shaping, no off-peak times, unlimited downloads and uploads at full speed 24 hours 7 days a week.

Great ways to save with our ADSL broadband deals

Churn your existing service to us for 24 months and receive free activation.

Hassle-free set up

Onsite DSL installation includes:

  • Up to one hour onsite
  • Setup of broadband hardware – or supplied for self plug-in
  • Establishing your internet connection
  • Testing ADSL / service connectivity

Advanced Options

Access to our advanced suite of intelligent QoS, VPN's, managed Routers and advanced security options.

Not sure what you want?

Call us on 1300 726 889 and let our business team help find a broadband package that works for your business.