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Voice and broadband soultions

Nehos Fibre

Super-fast broadband. It's future-proof, accommodating high-speed technology.

  • High-speed Fibre broadband technology
  • Unlimited upload / download allowance / no shaping
  • 12, 24 or 36 month contract options
  • 99.5% service availability targets
Plan Download Allowance Speed Monthly
Business Fibre 1 Unlimited ^ 10M/10M $POA
Business Fibre2 Unlimited ^ 20M/20M $POA
Business Fibre3 Unlimited ^ 50M/50M $POA
Business Fibre5 Unlimited ^ 100M/100M $POA
^^ Business Fibre 400 Unlimited ^ 400M/400M $440 *

  • All prices include tax
  • All services have a 12 -36 month contract in place. Contract terms & conditions can be found at www.nehos.net/terms/terms.php Section 12.5.
  • Fibre modem/Router + Activation = $POA.
  • LEAD TIME: (typically six weeks).
  • ^ Subject to our fair use policy.
  • * 36 months contract only, Activation $POA
  • ^^ This is a best effort service and provides only limited QOS functions. Order Withdrawal Charge of $400 ex GST once off + $4,000 ex GST. Early Termination Fees are for the full term. Relocation may not available. Pricing for the relocation will be as notified upon application, Early Termination fee set will be waived, provided that the Minimum Period of the relocated Service is the same as the remainder of the Minimum Period of the Original Service