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If your business is located in Australia
Please complete the online form below. If you experience issues completing the online form please upgrade and use the latest version of your browser or download and complete the PDF version. You must have javascript enabled to complete this form.

If your business is NOT located in Australia
If you are completing an application from outside of Australia (e.g if you do not have an ABN or are applying from overseas) you must download and complete the PDF Signup version. Once completed please email or fax back the PDF to us.

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Fetching Data

Invalid ABN. A valid ABN is required before the signup application can proceed. Please make sure that the ABN contains only numbers with no spaces or special characters.

Contact Information - Owner / Director

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Contact Information - Billing

The Billing contact information will be used for all accounts related communication for your service including the main contact for receiving invoices. If the Billing contact is the same as the owner you can skip this step.

Contact Information - Support

The Support contact information will be used for all support related to your service. If the Support contact is the same as the owner you can skip this step.

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Credit Application

* Please provide us with as much information as possible. The following information assists us in determining personal or commercial credit worthiness and may effect your ability to order use our services.

Trading Reference 1

Trading Reference 2

* Please fill in as much information as possible. We use this information to determine a credit limit for your account.

Payment Method

Credit Card
Ezi-Debit (Auto debiting your bank account)
Direct Deposit

Nehos WebPay Credit/Debit Card Payment

Setup automatic debit of your Credit/Debit card for easy payment of this invoice on the due date. Payments via this option will incur a 1.9% surcharge.

Please Enter Card Details.

I/we request and authorize Nehos Communications or its billing agent, until further notice, to arrange payment of my Nehos account as per details on this form, by debiting my credit/debit card account as described above. I acknowledge that Nehos may terminate this request at any time by written or verbal notice and I must adopt an alternative method of payment. You may terminate the Direct Debit drawing arrangements at any time by giving written/verbal notice to us. The termination will take effect from the invoice after the termination. It is your responsibility to ensure that sufficient funds are available in the nominated account to meet a drawing on its due date. Should a drawing be returned unpaid by your financial institution or Credit Card Issuer then an appropriate decline fee will be applied to your Nehos account.

Setup automatic debit of your bank account for easy payment of this invoice on the due date. Please download the application form found here and send back the completed form to accounts@nehos.net or fax (07) 3503 8801. Payments via this option will incur a 2.2% (min $1.10) surcharge.

* Please note that account applications will not be processed until a completed Ez-Debit application form is returned to us.

Pay via B-Pay
We will email all Invoices to Your nominated email address on Your anniversary signup date.

Pay via Direct Deposit
We will email all Invoices to Your nominated email address on Your anniversary signup date.

Accept Terms and conditions

By clicking on "I ACCEPT", you ("You") agree to be bound by the following agreement ("Customer Online Agreement") between You and Nehos Communications Pty Ltd ABN 38 108 343 095 trading as Nehos ("We", "Us"). This agreement governs Your access to and use of Our Voice and Data Network over Our maintained network ("Services"). These terms must be read in conjunction with any other applicable terms and conditions including those governing the use of this website, www.nehos.net ( "the Site"), Privacy Policy and Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

In consideration of the provision of credit and the sale of goods and services to You the customer. You being Director/s or other authorised officer/s of the customer named in the application for the credit herein, hereby agree, by the acceptance of this application by Nehos Communications, guarantee to Nehos Communications the due and punctual payment and performance of all moneys & terms and conditions contained in these terms of trade. You agree to not being released from liability under these terms otherwise than by the payment in full of the moneys payable by and the performance and observance of all of the obligations under these terms and conditions. These terms shall be continuing and shall not be discharged by the winding up of the customer and shall bind the successors and legal personal representatives of You the customer.

If You do not agree to this agreement, please do not proceed with registration.

I certify that I am authorised to sign this application form on behalf of the applicant and the information given is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.