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Voice and broadband solutions

Nehos Communications

Cloud PBX Software & Systems

Providing hosted Voice services since 2004 and constantly taking into account our client needs in a very cost effective framework, we are proud to launch our 4th generation cloud PBX Platform.

Nehos Cloud PBX

pricing plans

business plan 1
$ 25 /mo
business plan 2
$ 99 /mo
business plan 5 popular
$ 60 /mo
business plan 20
$ 200 /mo

Optional Extra's

Business 1

Additional user extension licence $10
Single DiD $5.95
100 DiD range $50
13/1300/1800 as per website

Business 2

Additional user extension licence $25
Single DiD $5.95
100 DiD range $50
13/1300/1800 as per website
** Unlimited Calls Included

Business 5 & 20

Additional user extension licence $6.50
Single DiD $5.95
100 DiD range $50
13/1300/1800 as per website

^ 60 day initial trial period reverts to further 12 months contract if not cancelled 30 days before the 60 day trial period ends

** Unlimited Australia calling (fixed & mobile) applies to Australian Fixed and Mobiles only and does not include special, 13/1300/1800 or international numbers/destinations. Subscription to Unlimited calling is applied to all extensions (i.e per physical handset) regardless whether they are used or not. Initial period is a 24 month commitment and subject to fair use policy. This option is not available to call centres or accounts that behave as a call centre(s).

Unified communications delivered by Nehos Cloud PBX software and systems

Communicate success

Manage costs

Manage the costs of your operations. Retire that ridiculously expensive phone system and huge phone bills.

Reduce workload

Reduce the workload of your employees but maintain the high performance. Our features makes it easy to do.

Optimise environment

Optimise the your employees work in and increase their efficiency. Get started with our unified communications system.

Stay in motion

Our unified communications system allows the switching of multiple phones without need to hang up the call.

Control your time

Control your time and calls with presence functions - plan how and when to communicate with your colleagues.

Raise company profits

Raise company profits by increasing staff productivity and decreasing operating costs. We are providing the features.

Easy connect

Easy connect through our connections database with company PBX, MS Outlook, Apple and Google in one.

Retain momentum

Retain the momentum of your work. Our unified communications system is deployed in minutes and does not need extensive time to familiarise.

Accumulate experience

Accumulate experience that your employees gathered on other systems, since our system does not require any specialised training.

Benefits of Unified Communications


Business class features required by today's demanding communication needs. Setup and configuration features in a truly scalable manner.

  • Simplicity of use
  • Easy software updates
  • Custom apps & features
  • Monitor your system


VoIP Systems offer a more streamlined and less expensive alternative to traditional systems that require hardware and PSTN lines.

  • Lower telecommunications costs
  • Higher productivity
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Flexible hardware platforms
cloud hosted and virtual pbx

Nehos Communications

IPBX Features

  • Desktop & Mobile Apps
  • ACD Queues
  • IVR Auto Attendants
  • Conference Bridges
  • Music On Hold
  • FAX over IP (FoIP)
  • Ring Groups
  • Call Recording
  • Call Monitor
  • Call Filtering
  • Remote Mobile Extension
  • Online Presence
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cloudpbx unlimited


Desktop Application

Communicator Desktop Application provide all the means necessary to communicate your business value and ideas to the world.

Design of the Nehos Communicator Desktop Application resembles the standard desk phone, with slightly improved layout and functionality.

The wide variety of features and actions provided by Communicator Desktop Application are perfectly suited to modern, computerized communication.

Manage all aspects of your calls visually. No more hassle over dialing a number published on a web page or contained in an email.

Access your voicemail inbox instantly and transfer calls directly to desired extensions.

With Communicator Desktop Application everything is simple as a click.

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The Smartphone


Stay connected

Explore benefits of the Nehos Cloud PBX system and stay connected even when out of the office, using WiFi or 3G network.

Familiar controls

Our SoftPhone app is designed to be as close as possible to your devices native dialer so controls remain familiar to to you.

Connections database

With Softphone keep your PBX, Outlook, Google and Apple connections always available with our Click-to-Dial user database.

Phone calls to go

If you have to leave the office take the phone call with you. Seamlessly switch devices and stay on the call.

Efficiency increase

Work on the move and keep the time loss as low as possible. Experience efficiency at it's best with our unified system.

Availability controls

Plan phone calls, control your time and define availability using the handy Presence panel functionality.



  • Aastra
  • Cisco
  • Snom
  • Yealink
Full Supported Telephones List