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Voice and broadband solutions

Get NBN with our business Internet Plan

Where available we use high-speed NBN technology to give you internet as fast as is available or required. Backed with our end to end expertise, with deals that are affordable which do not compromise quality or service.

Our business internet plans are backed by our 99.5% service availability targets and combined with voice offer a one stop shop. Nehos Communications' national high-speed broadband network gives you access to the best broadband available.

Plan Download Allowance Plan Speed Monthly Total Contract Cost Typical Evening Speed
NBN50 Unlimited ^ 25M-50/5-20M $79.95 $79.95 48Mbps
NBN100/20 Unlimited ^ 25-100M/5-20M $99.00 $99.00 97.2Mbps
NBN100 Unlimited ^ 25-100M/5-40M $130.00 $130.00 97.2Mbps
*NBN250/25 Unlimited ^ 25-250/5-25M $150.00 $150.00 245Mbps
*NBN250/100 Unlimited ^ 25-250/5-100M $188.00 $188.00 245Mbps
  • Premium support
  • Static IP available ($10.00 inc GST per month including $5.50 inc GST setup)

  • All prices include tax.
  • * 250/100 and 250/25 NBN service is only available on FTTP
  • ^ Subject to our acceptable use policy.
  • Copper pair is subject to Coexisting Network limits by NBN. During Co-existence period NBN only guarantees a minimum attainable sync speed; 12/1 Mbps for FTTN and 25/5 Mbps for FTTB.
  • ESTIMATED LEAD TIME: typically 1 - 5 working days (from signed & returned order contract).
  • Nehos offers an alternative backup service for business critical services. Please contact Nehos sales for more information.